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Boca Raton Executive Suites Amenities - Traditionally these following amenities are included in your Base Rent

Furnished Executive Suites - typically a 1 person private Executive 70 sqft to 140 Sqft- one desk and two chairs, artwork and plants. Three person Executives and above are typically allocated anywhere from 60 sqft to 90 sqft per employee. The higher sqft reflects if an employee will be conducting business over the phone.

Building Directory Signage - Your Companies contact information displayed in the buildings directory - under your companies listing not the Boca Raton Executive Suites.

Executive Suites Lobby -
Clean well furnished reception area, NO company logos advertised-

Reception Service
- Expect a professional and courteous individual to welcome your guests and lead them to your Executive during business hours.

Mail Delivery Incoming - Receptionist signs / delivers Inbound mail in a timely manner

Mail Delivery Outgoing
- Major services (UPS, DHL, FedEx) have daily pickups and a relationship with providers to pick up when required.

Access to Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms
- An Boca Raton Executive Suites tenant can expect to have complementary two to six hours of conference room / meeting room time per month. No rollover time

Employee and Visitors Parking - The number of workstations equals parking Suitess - visitor parking is discounted

Pantry - Coffee, tea and purified water

Phone jacks - Digital

24 Hour access

Janitorial service
- 5 days per week

Property Taxes, Building Maintenance and Insurance, ElectriRaton, Lighting and A/C, Heating

Costs and Expenses are also discussed on Boca Raton Executive Suites Costs - as well as on the the Boca Raton Executive Suites Forum

Theses are typically in addition to your Monthly Cost


IMP Telephony or Telephone PABX system featuring conference calling, internal and external transfer and direct dial number
High-specification digital telephone with speed dial, speaker, call pickup, hunt groups, multiple-line capaRaton and caller ID
Call-answering options including straight to your direct line, through a dedicated line to a member of your team or through the Boca Raton Executive Suites switchboard
Voice mail message storage facility with remote set up and retrieval 24/7

Broadband Connectivity
Internet access (up to T1)
Persistent connection means no per-call charges or waiting to connect
Virtual Local Area Network security
Managed firewall protection

Secretarial Packages
Data Input, Filing etc.. Usually quoted in terms from 4 seconds to hourly packages

Translation Services
Vary from center to center but usually if they do not provide the service they will recommend someone to does

Meeting Rooms - Conference Room
These sizes are often used as a standard in the industry
Meeting Room (1-4 person)
Meeting Room (5-6 person)
Conference Room (7-8 person)
Board Room (9-16 People)
Seminar Room / Training Room (15-50)
Most Centers have various packages that can be purchased on a prepaid basis for a discount or on a as needed basis. Packages are often non-accruable. Before you visit any center review your person calendar and total your time spent in Meeting Rooms / Training Rooms Etc.

Audio Visual & Presentation
White board with Markers
Video Conference
LCD Project
Different Packages are available often on a hourly basis. Check with center management for a complete list of there inventory>

New Client Installation
Broadband Internet Connection
Server Rack Suites
Dedicated IP address
Leased Line Dedicated Internet Connection

Additonal information can be found at
Boca Raton Executive Suites Executive Cost Comparison

Additional Services Check with Center Management

Accounting -Petty cash records, book keeping, setting up and maintaining accountancy packages and taxation.

Administrative Support -Expert Secretarial for filing, speed typing, Dictaphone, presentations, desktop publishing and database compilation.

Airport Pickups - If client or guest needs airport pick up, we can organize a reliable and professional limousine / car service.

Binding - Professionally bound and delivered by one of our staff to your Executive ensures effective use of your time.

Book Keeping

Cafes - Center Usually have discounted rates to local restaurants

Catering - When organizing an meeting over breakfast or lunch, a variety of menus are available for selection.

Concierge Services - If you are moving to a new Raton, ask about our Concierge service that can organize apartments on any budget, Raton tours, schools and much more.

Conference Facilities

Copy Services

Corporate Identity

Courier Services - Provided at competitive rates.

Document Storage - Ask your center Manager regarding high-volume secure data back-up over the Internet.

Facsimile Services
Facsimiles are delivered to Executive on a regular basis.

IT Support - High quality IT support available at competitive rates - usually the company that setup the system - go with there people

Mailing Services - Your mail is delivered to your Executive daily.

Meeting Rooms

Newspapers - Will organize for various types of magazines and newspapers to be delivered to your Executive.

Executive Supplies - At below retail rates and delivered to your Executive.

Parking - Most Centers offer parking at competitive rates if not free. Ask the local center for further information.

Printing Services -Most centers have negotiated excellent rates for printing your company stationary etc...

Rack Suites - For your servers, switches and other IT equipment. ASK -

Reception Services

Travel Booking and Planning - Hotel and flight arrangements.

Training Facilities

Video Conferencing

Virtual Executive Services

Voice Mail

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